Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ASME Publishes Best Practices for Digital Media

In October of last year, ASME published a revision of the Guidelines for Editors and Publisher with Best Practices for Print Magazines. Since then, the ASME Board of Directors has been working on new guidelines for digital media. That work is now done. The combined guidelines—including the new Best Practices for Digital Media—are posted on the ASME website here.
The new Best Practices for Digital Media have been completely overhauled and include sections on social media and tablet editions as well as magazine websites. But the goal of these guidelines is the same as those for print: to make sure that consumers always know who—journalists or advertisers—is responsible for the content they are reading.

ASME staff is always ready to help editors, publishers and advertisers with any questions about the guidelines. Call Sid Holt at 212.872.3723 or e-mail him at sholt@magazine.org with any questions or comments about either the print or digital guidelines.